How does the Smart Key system work?
With our Smart Key system installed, you can simply walk up to the car and your doors will unlock then re-lock as you walk away . If you forget to shut the doors the system will remind you. If you have the Push-Start module then you have the added ability of pushing a button rather than turning a key to start and stop your vehicle, all without taking out the key.

How do I wire the system into my car?
You can download installation manuals from our website to have your installer complete any pre-work necessary to install our system. Installation would be the same as installing a typical Alarm system or Remote Starter system. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Can I use my own button with your push button module?
No. Our Push-Start system comes with an OEM like Push Button. The connector of the push button module can only connect to our Push-Start button and which consists of special wiring for built-in LED. It is possible to modify your own button to interface with the Push-Start module, however, it is not recommended nor supported.

Do I need anything else to install Smart Key and Push-Start system?
Yes. If your vehicle equipped with an immobilizer system (chipped key) then you will require a bypass device. A bypass device tells the car’s computer that a valid key is present when a access key is within range. A bypass can be purchased from company such as iDatalin, Fortin and xPresskit. You will also need to disable your steering wheel lock to acheive true keyless entry and ignition, please consult the rest of the website or contact us for more information.

What are good places to mount the antenna(s)?
Antennas should be mounted on a Non-Enclosed and Non-Metallic material such as clear glass or plastic trim panels. Recommended placements for the Front-Antenna is on the top-left corner of the front windshield and bottom-left corner of the rear windshield for the Rear-Antenna. The Bypass-Antenna can be placed around the edge of the front windshield so it can sense the Bypass Transponder Card within one inch away from outside of the vehicle. Do not place antenna in locations that will be shield by metallic material.

What type of interference should I watch out for?
Do not place the access key on top of metal, carrying metallic keys near the access key is acceptable. Electronic noise from sources like Smart Phone, microwaves, vacuums, drills and etc can cause intermittent interference.

Is this system secure?
Absolutely! Mutual Authentication, Rolling Code and Inter-Module Encryption make this systems very secure.

Is my car supported? Has this system been installed on my type of car before?
Both Smart Key and Push-Start system can be installed on all vehicle that equipped with power door lock and uses standard ignition system. Newer vehicle may require steering lock and immobilizer to be bypassed, please consult with your local Car Alarm / Remote Start installer for more infomation .

Does the Push Start system will work on a manual transmission vehicle?
Our system is definitely compatible with a manual transmission vehicle and the installation is identical to that of auto transmission however we do not support using the Remote Start function on a manual transmission vehicle.