Advanced Keys products are developed based on the foundation of security. You can be rest assured knowing our products are safe and secure which cannot be easily defeated even with sophisticated means. Unlike traditional aftermarket handsfree keyless entry devices which use unsecure open radio frequency, Advanced Keys system utilizes the bidirectional, dual-frequency and multi-layered security:

  Layer 1:
Equipped with the latest RFID technology with 3rd-generation Mutual-Authentication protocol. This protocol provides industry standard secure authentication which prevents 100% of conventional transmitter code-scanning, sniffing and hijacking. (RFID will not respond to an incorrect challenge and encrypted request signature, thus effectively preventing RFID code sniffing)

  Layer 2:
Ultra High Frequency RF authentication protocol with code-hopping and encryption technology that offers the same protection as the OEM keyless entry remote plus Time-of-Flight security feature that works in conjunction with Layer 1 to prevent relay attacks.

  Anti-Theft Function:
In additional to the smart keyless entry function, this is also an alarm system that monitors door switches, brake and ignition. Vehicle ignition can be operated only when a valid access key is identified. When an unauthorized entry and/or vehicle activation attempt is detected, the ignition relay will be disabled; prevent engine from starting.

  Multi-Color LED Indicator:
This multi-color LED will provide you with a visual reference about the status of the system/vehicle and simulates as an anti-theft deterrence feature.