Designed as an Add-On enhancement to your vehicle, our products can be installed in any vehicles equipped with power door locks and key ignition system without replacing or disabling your existing OEM or aftermarket keyless entry and remote start systems.
AK-105B - In Stock
Universally compatible, AK-105B is now available with a push start button for complete keyless operation of your vehicle.


AK-105S - In Stock
Simple to install and cost effective way for complete keyless operation of your vehicle. AK-105S is now available with a DIY key conversion cap suitable for any vehicle.


Knob Color:

Smart Keyless Entry System
AK-105 - In Stock
Stand-alone system that provides the Smart Keyless Entry function. Expandable with Push Start and Auto Windows Closer module.
Push-Start Module (OEM Button)
AK-PSB06 - In Stock
Stand-Alone universal Push-Start ignition contorller module with OEM Push-Start Button (40mm diameter by 60mm long)
Auto Windows Closer Module
AK-AW01 - In Stock
Automatically close all four windows plus sun roof when Smart Keyless Entry System locks the door.
Key Cylinder Adhesive Cover
Custom made 3M plastic key cylinder cover with adhesive backing to provide that OEM finish for your key port. 60mm diameter, 1mm thick, black only.
Push-Button Ring Mount
AK-RM02 - In Stock
Decorative ring will let you securely and easily mount the Push-Start Button on any flat trim surface for that flawless OEM finish.
Knob Switch Key Cap
AK-TS01 - In Stock
DIY conversion key cap for use with existing security systems or it can be used for Steering/Transmission Lock Bypass.
Knob Switch Color:
Hole Saw for Push Start Button
AK-HS02 - In Stock
Custom machined hole saw that will provide the precision cut-out you need for the OEM Push Start Button.
Replacement Fob Access Key (2x)
Get a pair of additional Access Keys or as a replacement. Programming instruction included. Please inquire compatibility to your system before purchase.
Replacement Bypass Card (2x)
AK-BC02 - In Stock
Get a pair of additional Bypass Cards or as a replacement. Programming instruction included.