Jeff, Ontario  - 2008 Acura TSX Product: 103S + iDataLink Bypass (ADS-DLSL HA)
With iDatalink module act as both doorlock interface and immobilizer, Jeff installed 103S with minimum modification to his Acura with all the benefit not using the OEM key and remote any more.

  Eric, Ontario  - 2008 Dodge Nitro Product: 103B + Fortin Bypass CHR2
Eric installed his 103B system in his 08' Nitro and integrated the push-start button onto his dash for a flawless OEM look. Eric also developed a method for integrating 103B into any Chryslers vehicle and takes very little wiring work. Eric's setup makes installation of smart key system extremely simple on Chrysler vehicles and it can be done in about an hour or two.

  Arthur, Ohio  - 2005 Mustang GT Product: 103B
Arthur was quoted saying: "I had email conversation with someone at your company while I was in Iraq. You sent me a prototype unit with the push button start sometime last year in September or October I think. The car was put away for the winter but I finally had a chance to install it about a month ago on my 05 Mustang GT and it has been working perfectly since then. It is very convenient not to have to carry around a key or remote anymore and everyone is amazed at how it works and how clean it looks."

  Jason, Texas  - 2007 Dodge Charger Product: 103B + Fortin Bypass CHR2
Jason was our early beta tester and currently using 103B setup on his 07' Charger. Combining the access remote with his phone case Jason is able to operate his vehicle wherever his phone is with him.

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Video examples of the our products in various vehicles: