The car key has come a long way. Smart Keyless Entry and Ignition System is a convenience feature that has long been enjoyed by the exclusive domain of luxury vehicles. Here at Advanced Keys, we are dedicated to providing this convenience technology in the form of an aftermarket product for all vehicles.

Entering and starting your vehicle has never been easier. Advanced Keys' Smart Access Keyless Entry System will recognise the keyholder as you approach - even when the access key is in your pocket or bag. It will automatically unlock the doors as you approach or lock as you walk away. To start the vehicle, simply press the start button. Freeing up your hands from fumbling for your key/remote, especially when you have things to carry or too cold to remove your gloves.

Built with the latest secure RFID technology and combined with rolling-code encryption, this dual-frequency proximity access system will provide the best possible vehicle keyless access convenience, security and more.

As you approach the vehicle, within a 2 to 3 meter range your access key will be detected and verified by your vehicle through multiple layers of Radio Frequency Identification.
Upon successful authentication with the access key, you will have exclusive access to your vehicle. Doors will automatically unlock. No more fumbling for keys or push buttons on the remote.
  Push to Start (Optional Feature)
After entering the vehicle, the ignition control will be enabled. Step on the brake and push the start button to start the engine and get going.
  Turn Knob to Start (Optional Feature)
Alternatively, after entering the vehicle you may turn the knob ignition switch , just like you would with a normal key to start the engine.
Simply walk away from your vehicle with the access key – the vehicle will lock all the doors and arm the alarm system. Optionally, the vehicle can proceed to roll-up any open windows or close the sunroof. Never forget to lock the door or close the windows.